How Do I Lift My Truck?

2020 Ram 1500

Sacramento area truck drivers of all stripes and sorts who pilot pickups from names like Ford, Jeep, GMC, Chevy, Nissan, Toyota, and RAM are always asking us “how do I lift my truck?”. Well, because we care about our Roseville and Folsom truck shoppers and their needs, you included, we’re about to provide some answers! Be warned, though: lifting a truck is an involved process best left to experts, and attempting this DIY procedure to save money could backfire. As a result, we recommend discussing your lift plans with a Sacramento Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram service expert. That said, in the meantime, here’s more information on how to lift a truck and whether it’s wise to attempt yourself or call in the experts.

What Are the Different Types of Lift Kits?

The first thing to know is that there are different types of lift kits, including:

  • Suspension lift kits
  • Body lift kits
  • Leveling kits

You should also know that lifting a truck is a process that doesn’t just require any run-of-the-mill tools or knowledge. It’s also not something to be completed in a matter of a day. Typically, a veteran pro takes between 7-14 hours to lift a truck, but doing it yourself will probably take you between 15-30 hours or more, so plan accordingly. Now, let’s get down to what you’ll need to lift your truck!

What Tools Will I Need to Lift My Truck?

To install a lift kit, you’ll need these tools (at a minimum):

  • Vehicle jacks and jack stands
  • Socket wrench, Torque wrench, and Lug wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Pry bar (to remove old parts)
  • Hammer
  • WD-40 or penetrating oil to loosen stubborn parts
  • Extra nuts & bolts

If you need any of the parts you see listed above, or you still haven’t purchased your actual lift kit yet, you can orderthe parts you needfrom Sacramento Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram!

How Do I Lift a Truck at Home?

While we must emphasize that the following set of instructions, like many, is merely a guide, and is therefore not a true substitute for the instruction manual that was included with your lift kit, it may give you a better idea of what the process of lifting a truck at home looks like, so you can better decide between DIY installation vs. professional installation of your lift kit.

With that in mind, the first step is buying a lift kit. Then, do thefollowing:

  1. Disconnect your truck’s negative battery cable.
  2. Loosen the lug nuts so the tires are easier to remove. Do not remove the wheels yet. 
  3. Use your jack and jack stands to raise the vehicle. If you have access to a hydraulic vehicle service lift, now would be the time to use it. You cannot use ramps for this process. Additionally, you want to be absolutely certain that the vehicle’s center of gravity is correct.
  4. Remove the wheels and tires, then set them aside.
  5. Remove the old U-bolts, along with your vehicle’s current shocks and springs.
  6. Attach the new bolts. While assembling any parts required according to the instructions that came with your kit, attach the new shocks and suspension. 
  7. Use your torque wrench to make sure that all pieces and bolts are tightened according to the proper specifications. Bolts that are too loose or tight could have negative consequences on the stability and structural integrity of your vehicle, so this step is important.
  8. Attach your old tires, or, if installing larger tires to accommodate your new lift kit, install those.
  9. Lower your vehicle back to the ground carefully, a little bit at a time, keeping it level.

Depending on how intense your lift kit is, additional steps may be required somewhere along the way, like installing a larger driveshaft or a new heavy-duty transfer case. Reach out to us for additional information.

Barring any of the listed exceptions, if you’ve followed the step-by-step process above, your lift kit should now be installed! But even if you think you’ve been successful at installation, we highly recommend taking your truck to our service center near Elk Grove for an inspection to make sure everything is in ship-shape.

How Long Will it Take to Lift My Truck?

Simply put, different lift kits take different amounts of time to install. Leveling kits, for instance, are easier and faster to install than more intense off-road-ready suspension lift kits. But you should expect a DIY lift kit to take between 15-30 hours. (Trained and certified professionals usually take between 7-15 hours). Those with a lot of experience might be able to complete a lift kit installation in a long weekend. Those with little to no automotive experience or mechanical experience should not attempt a lift kit installation for both their safety and peace-of-mind.

Should I Lift My Truck at Home?

Lifting a truck is difficult. It’s laborious. It takes a long time. It requires lots of tools, patience, and knowledge. Plus, lift kits can be expensive. This leads many people to attempt DIY lift kits at home. And, it’s entirely possible to do! Ultimately, whether you attempt to lift your truck is your decision, but we always recommend leaving this vehicle modification to the professionals when in doubt, due to its complexity.

If you do lift your truck yourself, please make sure that you follow your lift kit’s instruction manual to the letter. This guide is meant to serve only as a general overview of the process of lifting a truck, not an instruction manual.

Consider the SCA RAM Black Widow

Looking for a fantastic lifted truck for sale near Roseville? The SCA RAM Black Widow is a unique RAM lift kit package that adds these features to the already-impressive performance and styling of your favorite RAM1500 model:

  • SCA 6-inch suspension lift
  • 35-inch BF Goodrich AT KO2 tires
  • 20-inch Black Widow wheels
  • SCA red brake caliper covers
  • SCA speedometer calibration
  • SCA bolt-on style fender flares
  • SCA hood vents
  • 5-inch oval wheel-to-wheel side steps
  • Black Widow step pads
  • Performance exhaust
  • Tinted front windows
  • SCA Performance front windshield snipe
  • Premium quality exterior badging
  • Black Widow LED “puddle’ projector lights
  • Red LED interior lighting
  • Black Widow speedometer gauges
  • Black Widow stitched headrests
  • FMVSS compliant
  • 3-year/36,000-mile warranty 

Looking for an SCA RAM HD Black Widow? That’s also available, and features tons of upgrades vs. standard RAM HD trucks. Find out more on the SCA performance Black Widow page.

Get Your Truck Lifted at Sacramento Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

You’ve come this far. You’ve read all about how to lift a truck. You now have a better understanding of what’s required. Should you do it yourself? Should you lift your truck at all? Contact Sacramento Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram to learn more. Then, if you’d like, schedule service online to make your lift kit installation appointment with Sacramento Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. Whatever you decide, we’re here to help however possible!

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