Why is Tire Rotation Important?

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Why is tire rotation important? Simply put, it extends the life of your tires, ensuring you get more for your investment. What does tire rotation do exactly? Tires don’t wear evenly. Rotating the tires every so often prevents any single tire from wearing out faster than the other tires. Learn more about tire rotation below, then visit our Sacramento Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram service center near Roseville when it’s time for your next tire rotation!

How Does Drivetrain Affect Tire Rotation? 

When you accelerate, brake, turn your wheels, and go around curves in Folsom, all this requires friction between your tires and the road. Depending on the drivetrain your vehicle has, your tire treads will wear out at different rates.

  • Front-wheel drive vehicle: Engine power is directed to the front wheels, which are responsible for steering, starting, and most of the stopping force. Therefore, the front tires will wear out the fastest.
  • Rear-wheel drive vehicle: Engine power is directed to the rear wheels, but the front wheels are still responsible for steering and much of braking. The rear tires will still wear out faster than the front tires, although at a generally slower rate.
  • All-wheel drive vehicle: Engine power is more evenly distributed, but there are many experts out there that maintain that the rear tires will still wear out faster.
  • Intelligent all-wheel drive systems: Going around curves means different levels of strain and friction on the inside tires vs. outside tires. Some advanced all-wheel drive systems can even direct power to an individual wheel while driving around a curve for better cornering, which will further affect tire life.

How Often Should You Rotate Your Tires? 

On average, tires should be rotated every six months or every 5,000 miles to 8,000 miles. Of course, these intervals may be different for your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram vehicle. It’s important to check your owner’s manual for exact figures. If you’re still unsure about how often to rotate your tires or you have additional questions, one of our certified service technicians can give you more information on how to care for your car. 

What Happens if I Don’t Rotate My Tires?

If you don’t schedule tire rotation service, the tires will wear out faster than they should. Failing to rotate and replace tires at the proper time can lead to disastrous consequences: 

  • Poor traction and skidding on the roads
  • More rapid deterioration of brake pads
  • Flat tires and blowouts

Keep Your Vehicle in Good Shape at Sacramento Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

If you want to know more about tire care, how to check your tire tread depth, and more, come to Sacramento Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram near Elk Grove and Rocklin. When you’re ready to bring your vehicle in for the next tire rotation, be sure to browse our parts and service coupons so you can get a great deal!

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